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AAA Advertising Network High Affinity for AAA Publications
Another glowing testimony to the editorial excellence of the AAA titles is their unprecedented readership by their members who rarely miss an issue. The relevance of the content of the publications is underscored by the nearly 8 out of 10 (67%) who have read at least 3 - if not every issue - of the last 4. They take nearly a half-hour (25 minutes), on average, out of their busy schedules to spend reading an issue, and then pass it along to 2.1 additional readers.

AAA Titles Elicit Strong Response
When readers see ads in AAA magazines, they extend the same unwavering loyalty and trust they have for the AAA brand to the advertiser's brand and respond in kind. In fact, 69% of AAA members take some kind of action after reading the magazines. Not surprising - given the intense affinity AAA titles evoke - an editorial mention about upcoming events or attractions, tours and new or unique dining experiences result in "sell-out" situations for restaurateurs and event venues.

AAA Advertising Network
Actions to Ads by AAA Members
27% contacted/visited AAA office for maps, Triptiks*
24% visited magazine website or
15% made reservations or bought tickets
14% traveled to a destination advertised or written about
10% planned or modified existing plans for a trip
9% visited an advertiser's website
7% called a toll-free number
3% called an advertiser directly for information

*Source: 2015 MRI GFK Subscriber Study


On average, AAA members read their AAA publication for 25 minutes.

67% of AAA members have read at least 3 of their last 4 AAA publications.

Average number of issues read or looked into
*Source: 2015 MRI GfK Subscriber Study