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AAA Advertising Network Influential Consumers
AAA members - the readers of the AAA magazines - rank above the average MRI indices of U.S. adults in all the categories that count. They are better educated, have higher household incomes, more are professionals or in managerial positions, and own luxury cars. When it comes to disposable income, AAA members are twice as likely to have a home valued over $500,000 and investments over $150,000. Clearly, they are a highly attractive target for national consumer brand advertising.

Affluent and Active
When you buy the AAA Advertising Network, you're reaching key buyers in their prime. They're the coveted baby boomer demographic that marketers want to reach to sell vacation homes, golf clubs, computers, home theatre systems and cars. With an average household income of $102,700 and an on-the-go lifestyle, they're making purchasing decisions - everyday - for a wide range of products and services.

AAA Advertising Network
  U.S. Adults AAA Members Index
Men 52% 47% 97
Women 48% 53% 102
Median age 47 years 52 years 130
Median household income $61,242 $82,001 134
Household income $100,000 27% 32% 118
Home value $500,000+ 7% 13% 182
Professional / Managerial / Admin 47% 60% 128
Own a luxury vehicle 9% 13% 141
Take cruises 8% 20% 252
Own a valid passport 38% 71% 188
Investments $150,000+ 3% 6% 208

*Source: 2015 MRI GfK Subscriber Study


AAA members rank above the MRI indices of U.S. adults.

Well-educated, Homeowners
More than 71% of AAA members own their own home which means they're decorating, remodeling or landscaping to enhance their indoor and outdoor living experience - whether they're doing it themselves or hiring professional services. Consider this: with the AAA network, you can reach more than half of all U.S. home- owners with homes over $200,000. They're well-educated too.

Many AAA members are college-educated and in professional, managerial or executive positions. In fact, you can cover a full one-third of the U.S. market of college-educated adults with the AAA Advertising Network.

Unparalleled Coverage
Only the AAA Advertising Network offers this kind of blanket coverage of the most influential U.S. adult market. At an average age of 52 - and with 10,000 U.S. adults turning 50 every day* - there's no better way to reach this target on an ongoing basis than with AAA magazines.

*Rick Adler, founder of The Senior Network, a marketing and research company geared to older consumers: "Simply based on population growth trends, if a product is marketed to the 50-plus audience and maintains its market share, it should increase in sales by 35 to 50 percent in the next 20 years."