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AAA Advertising Network Trust and Loyalty: Premier Brand Assets

There's perhaps no more enduring service symbol in the U.S. than the familiar AAA logo. From its inception in 1902, AAA was founded on service. This simple charter - one of trusted friend and advocate - laid the foundation for the growth of a brand that has come to embody trust, reliability and value from coast to coast and Canada.

Today there are:
More than 58 million members
36 association clubs
1,081 local AAA offices in the U.S. and Canada

AAA Advertising Network A Powerful Marketing Partner

As a result of their fervent loyalty, AAA members trust everything associated with the AAA brand. Advertisers who partner with AAA not only gain access to legions of influential consumers, their brand benefits from the implied endorsement or halo effect by AAA members.

AAA members rank above the MRI indices of U.S. adults
AAA members are more likely to have a home valued over $500,000
AAA members are twice as likely to have investments over $150,000
AAA members have an average household income of $98,000
AAA members have an average age of 58
More than 8 out of 10 AAA members own their own home